How A Lawyer Can Assist With Getting Custody Of A Neglected Grandchild

Do you want custody of your grandchild because your son or daughter is a neglectful parent? You may be able to get permanent or temporary custody of the child if you meet the grandparents rights laws in the state that you reside in. Find out below how a family lawyer can assist with your custody case, as well as what his or her services will cost.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Grandparent Get Custody of a Grandchild?

Before working on your custody case, the lawyer will consult with you to find out why you believe your son or daughter is negligent. If you think that he or she is not raising the child right, it doesn't mean that the parent is making a mistake. The lawyer will also determine if the other parent can get custody (if he or she is still around), as it can make your battle more complex.

A family lawyer will keep the best interest of the child at heart while working on the case. For instance, he or she may try to set up mediation between you and your son or daughter before taking the matter to court. Helping you and your son or daughter come to an agreement can prevent the child from getting caught up in a stressful family conflict. The lawyer may try to convince your son or daughter to change, such as going to a rehab facility if alcohol or drugs is the problem.

Building your case will involve the lawyer providing services that may include:

  • Hiring a private investigator
  • Obtaining a restraining order
  • Requesting emergency custody
  • Proving your good relationship with the child
  • Proving that your living conditions are healthy

You may be asked to provide proof of your income to show that you are financially able to care for the child. The lawyer may also ask about your religious beliefs and type of friends that you have, as it may be brought up in court.

What is the Hourly Rate Charged by a Family Lawyer?

You are looking to pay at least $75 per hour the help of a family lawyer. However, the hourly rate can be as high as $400 for a complex case like one that involves getting custody of a grandchild. Getting custody of a grandchild that lives in a bad environment is worth the legal fees, no matter what you have to pay. Speak to a family lawyer so he or she can start on your case! Contact a firm like GSJones Law Group, P.S. to get started.