Was Your Social Security Claim Denied? Get A Lawyer And Explore Your Options

Have you been permanently disabled due to bodily injury and you are no longer able to work, so you filed for social security to have the claim denied? If so, it's important to remain calm, and to hire a social security disability attorney.  There are steps that you have to take if you want to resubmit your claim and application, and things that you'll want to know. Consider hiring a lawyer for the following reasons, and make sure that you hire a specialist that is experienced with social security cases.

The Application Could Have Had Flaws

The application has to be filled out perfectly and without any errors or flaws. It's best to submit your application the first time with the help of a legal professional, and if you didn't and made mistakes, this could be why you got denied. Provide the lawyer with a copy of the application that you submitted, so they can go over the information and see where the mistakes were made, or find the cause for denial

You May Need a New Physician

A physician has to sign a statement that says you are incapable of working. If your lawyer doesn't think that your physician made a great argument or description of your injuries, you may need to find a new physician. Your lawyer will have a physician that they recommend you go see, and they may be able to help with the application.

You Want to Reapply with a Lawyer

Once you are ready to reapply for the social security benefits, you want to have a lawyer fill out all of the details and submit it for you. If you have to go in for any type of meetings or you want to take the matter to court, you want to have your lawyer with you for those meetings as well.

There are a lot of different reasons why the system may have denied your social security claim, but if you meet the requirements and you think that you made a mistake on your application, you want to consult with a legal professional. If the lawyer doesn't think that you can get disability, you will have to explore other options to help supplement your income, and find ways that you can work even with the injuries that you currently have. Talk with a lawyer so you can explore all of your options and get to the bottom of the problem.