Actions You Must Take During Your Disability Hearing

When you receive your day in court for a social security disability hearing, you will need to be prepared to make sure that you are able to win your case. The majority of appeals cases that are won are won during the hearing stage. 

Update Your Records

Make sure that the medical records you bring with you are up-to-date. You do not want a gap in your medical records that cannot be explained. The SSA will not always gather updated medical documents for you as you begin your hearing. In some cases, a staff disability services attorney might review your documents and initiate a record review, but you cannot depend on this.

Answer all Questions

When you are asked a question, make sure to answer it. You only have to answer the question in a sentence or two. In many cases, the hearing goes through without any questions. If you do not understand the question, ask to have the question restated or explained. 

Explain Your Symptoms

Your hearing will typically go through your medical conditions. Since the judge already has your medical records, you should describe your symptoms. You must describe the limits on your physical and mental abilities that can impact your ability to work.

Include your medical history, including the medications you are taking. This helps support the idea that you are suffering from a particular condition and the side effects of the medications might affect your ability to work.

Go Over Your Education and Work History

Explain all of your training and work experience. Explain the work that you performed over the past 15 years. Then, you will often be asked about your typical day. Because this is an important part of your disability hearing, you should come prepared with a description of your activities and how well you sleep at night. Consider speaking with an attorney about this part of the process so you are prepared. 

Come With Representation

It's very risky to enter into a disability hearing by yourself without the proper training and experience. For that reason, you will want to make sure that you hire a disability attorney who can come with you during your hearing. You are more likely to win an appeal if you do not represent yourself, even if you have a legal right to do so. You must be prepared to articulate the central part of your case and the problems you are facing.