Pre-Existing Health Concerns Can Impact A Personal Injury Claim

If you have an existing medical condition and you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or another personal injury scenario, there is a chance your preexisting condition will impact your injury claim. Whether you have been diagnosed with a disease or have a previous injury, it is important to understand what is at stake.

The Truth Will Come Out

The most critical thing for you to understand is that the truth will come out, and it is always best when you are the one who reveals this truth. The insurance company representing the negligent party can view your medical records in several different ways. 

For example, the physician performing your diagnosis and treatment can request this information to perform a more accurate diagnosis or the insurance company can request them. These records will then be compared to the statements that you originally provided the insurance company, which includes details about your health history. 

If there is a contrast between what you reported and what your medical records show, it will impact your claim negatively. Keep in mind; your attorney may be able to shield some of your medical records, but you will need to share this information with him or her. 

You Can Be Compensated for Existing Health Concerns

Do not assume that because you have an existing medical condition or injury, you cannot be compensated for this health concern. Personal injury law allows victims to seek and be awarded compensation for exacerbated or aggravated injuries. 

In terms of exacerbated injuries, these are medical concerns that were made worse as a result of the injury. When it comes to exacerbated injuries, these can include injuries that you were not aware you had. For example, if a person suffered back injuries after a slip and fall and medical tests reveal that they had an existing degenerative disease, if the injuries from the slip and fall made the condition worse, they can be compensated. 

In terms of aggravated injuries, these can include a medical condition or injury that was either controlled or healing that was heightened as a result of an injury. An example of this scenario could include a person that has an existing broken bone that was on the mend but was re-broken because of a motor vehicle accident. 

If you have an existing medical condition, make sure you bring this information to your personal injury attorney as soon as possible so that he or she knows how to structure your case for the most successful outcome.