5 Types Of Attorney Services You Should Know

Law is such a broad field, so lawyers work in areas they have the most experience in. Many people do not understand the different types of law practices. Thus, they find it challenging to find the right lawyer for their case when the need arises.

By mentioning the various categories of law practice, this article seeks to highlight the different types of attorney services you can access. 

Business Law

This type of law practice is concerned with issues that crop up during business transactions. Such problems include the launching of new businesses or relationships between businesses and other businesses or the public. It isn't uncommon for huge corporate companies to have an attorney of their own that deals with all legal matters arising in the firm.

Criminal Law

The laws of a country clearly state what are deemed as crimes. It is under this category that such crimes are handled. In the event that someone commits robbery, murder, or fraud, they are at liberty to choose a lawyer that will go against the prosecution in a court of law. These crimes are dealt with as crimes against the state.

Family Law

All matters concerning family relationships lie under this category. Sometimes, a family's issues cannot be handled amicably at home, so they resort to engaging attorney services. Some of the family disagreements that warrant an attorney's attention include:

  • Divorce: If you and your spouse want to file for a divorce, you'll need to engage a divorce lawyer right from the application to the completion stage.

  • Child Custody: Custody battles can be pretty messy, which is why an experienced attorney will come in handy.

  • Property Sharing: Disputes are likely to arise if a loved one passes away but leaves no will behind. The dependents are likely to fight over the property left behind, and this is where an attorney comes in.

Personal Injury Law

This category is meant to protect people who have sustained injuries resulting from accidents or other occurrences borne out of negligence. The injured person needs compensation and reinstatement to their original state of life. If you ever find yourself in this position, find a personal injury lawyer to help fight for your rights.

Employment Law

This type of law regulates employer-employee relationships by setting out their rights and responsibilities. Employment law applies when one has been wrongfully dismissed, mistreated at work, or discriminated against at work, among other reasons. 

Other types of law practice include environmental law, gaming law, and construction law. As can be seen, law is broad and covers almost every aspect. That is why there is always a lawyer for each one of your woes.