A Speeding Ticket Can Affect Your Insurance Rates

After you have been pulled over for speeding, you might consider simply paying the ticket and getting on with your life. You might think that the speeding ticket isn't very expensive and that you simply want to get on with your life. However, a speeding ticket can affect your life in other ways such as affecting your insurance policy.

A Speeding Ticket and Your Insurance

If you have had a single speeding ticket, this will not affect your insurance rates very much. However, if you receive more than one speeding ticket and have committed other driving infractions, your insurance rates can be affected for many years to come.

Other types of tickets that can increase your rates in combination with a speeding ticket include traffic tickets as well as DUIs, evading the police, drag racing, and driving with a suspended license. As a result, you will always want to fight every traffic charge with the help of an attorney.

The Points System

An insurance provider has their own points system that determines what your insurance rates will be. Your insurance rates will be based on a variety of factors such as your age, the type of car you're driving, and whether you have any speeding tickets. Some insurance providers might also offer a good driver discount that you would miss out on if you end up with a speeding ticket.

How to Fight Speeding Tickets

Fortunately, speeding tickets aren't as hard to fight as you might think if you're working closely with a speeding ticket attorney. There are many mistakes the issuing officer might make that could lead to your speeding ticket being dismissed.

The worst time to fight a speeding ticket is when you have been pulled over. Instead, you will want to gather evidence during the stop and then immediately contact a speeding ticket attorney. You will want to fight your ticket during your hearing.

The Traffic Ticket Hearing

Try to have the ticket hearing delayed. This will give you more time to prepare for your hearing and there is also a greater likelihood that the police officer will not show up to the hearing. Without the testimony of the officer, your speeding ticket is much more likely to be dismissed.

Your attorney will help you research the speed equipment to determine if there are any weaknesses inherent to the equipment. Then, you will be able to present these weaknesses at the hearing.

For more information, contact a law firm that specializes in speeding ticket cases, such as Traffic Ticket Office.