When Do You Need Legal Representation To Resolve Disputes Over Your Children?

Arguments about the custody and visitation of your kids can create hostility, which would complicate your divorce. In this case, both parties need to set all differences aside in order to better focus on the important issues, among which are the children. However, you may find that even if you and your co-parent agree on most issues, other disputes may crop up down the road, making it necessary to seek the court's intervention. You should consider hiring a professional family lawyer to help you navigate kids' custody issues, especially if you're in any of the following situations.

You Feel That Your Kids' Lives Are in Danger

An abusive partner is very dangerous, especially while under the emotional strain of going through a divorce. They might try to hurt your children physically to get back at you, either for divorcing them or other grudges. Unfortunately, this could put your children's health and safety in danger if you don't take measures to protect them. Hiring a child custody lawyer is the first step in ensuring that your children do not suffer as a result of disagreements with your ex spouse. They will help you get restraining or protective orders, barring your partner from coming to your home or close to your kids. Such restrictions will help ensure that your children are safe even when you're not around to protect them.

Your Spouse Is Denying You a Chance to Spend Time with Your Kids

Your partner has no authority to deny you the right to spend time with your kids if the court has not ruled over the matter. However, they may take advantage of the lack of legal protection to withhold the kids from you unlawfully. If this happens, set up a meeting with your ex partner to discuss the issue and enable you to spend time with your children. However, if they don't agree to discuss it, hire a child custody attorney to help you formulate a visitation plan that will enable you to see your kids regularly without being maliciously blocked by your ex spouse.    

There Are Special Circumstances In Your Case

As the parent who has primary custody of your children, developing a child support payment plan that works well for a child who requires special care may be difficult. In such a situation, your partner may offer you a payment that is not enough to cater to all your child's requirements. Your legal advisor can represent you before a judge, outlining the special circumstances and why your child requires specialized care. The judge can then rule on the amount of child support needed to provide your child with a comfortable life.

Contact a family lawyer immediately if any of the issues above arise during your marriage dissolution process. They will advise and guide you, ensuring that your divorce proceeding is smoother and more efficient.