Getting Divorced With High-Value Assets Involved

Getting divorced is not always a fast and straightforward process, especially if one of the spouses is not cooperative. An instance when a spouse might be uncooperative is when there is a substantial amount of money that was made during the marriage. Assets hold a monetary value as well, which could make the case more complicated if there is not an agreement on the division of assets. If your spouse has presented divorce papers and you do not like the terms of the settlement because you deserve more than what is being offered, you need an attorney. There are numerous attorneys to choose between, but you should hire one who has experience with high net worth divorce cases.

Discuss Asset Division in a Calm Environment

Emotions are usually running high during the process of getting divorced, such as anger and bitterness. Such strong emotions can make discussing the division of high-value assets and coming to a fair agreement almost impossible. Without an attorney's assistance, the dispute can go on for a long time before a final settlement is made. To maintain a calm environment, an attorney will try to settle the dispute by setting up a mediation session. Several mediation sessions might be necessary to come to an agreement, but a judgment via the court system is necessary if no agreement is reached.

Find Out About Assets That Were Hidden From You

A high-value asset divorce can be tricky due to the possibility of assets being hidden. For example, if your spouse was using marital income to invest in property that you do not know about, you should find out before the divorce is settled. An attorney can assist with locating such properties and other assets by hiring a private investigator to dig deep into the situation. The attorney will ensure that the investigation includes any assets that are hidden overseas as well. You have the right to know about hidden assets so you can receive your fair share in the divorce settlement.

Fight an Unfair Settlement With Confidence

You will feel more confident by going through your divorce with assistance from an attorney. The reason is that an attorney will fight against anything that is unfair with evidence to back it up. For example, if your spouse claims that you do not deserve possession of the marital home because you committed an affair, an attorney will prove that the claim is false. An attorney will also let you know if you should accept certain terms of the settlement, such as if your chance of winning in court is not likely.

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