Is A Stress-Free Divorce Possible? Here Is What You Need To Know About Uncontested Divorce Proceedings

Separating from someone you once loved or still love can be difficult. Even so, the contention and messiness of a divorce are not everyone's idea of parting ways. If you take your time and consider everything you have been through in the marriage, a quiet and non-dramatic end is your best cause of action. In this case, you will want to pursue an uncontested divorce which involves resolving issues outside the court system. If you take this route, a divorce lawyer will help both parties agree on terms, and everyone can leave contended with the outcome. Here are some things you might want to know about this before filing in court. 

Understanding the Process

A divorce that both parties agree on only happens when your partner is satisfied with your decision and doesn't countersue you in court. As such, you will agree on all issues, alimony, child support, custody, and property division. It goes without saying that there are complex issues that can also raise the tempers of everyone involved. Hence, a lawyer can guide you in discussing contentious issues and getting an amicable settlement.

How You Can Benefit from It

You can benefit from a divorce with no cross-petition in countless ways. For instance, spending months locked in a court battle over your kids, accumulated assets, and financial support are no longer necessary. Instead, you will sit with your partner and create agreements that serve your best interests as a couple. Also, you will have lawyers and other professionals to guide you and de-escalate all conflicts. 

Moreover, a calm and inclusive process preserves your cordial relationship with your partner. This is especially crucial when raising children together. In such a case, your children will incur the least emotional damage when you do not engage your soon-to-be ex-partner in legal battles and other conflicts. 

The Importance of a Legal Advisor in the Process 

Divorce is never easy. Without the guidance of a legal expert, you might find yourself making mistakes that will slow down the process. Given this, having a lawyer is a perfect way to get oversight over every document you submit and ensure it communicates your best wishes as a couple. The lawyer will also help you stay grounded and focus on the most important things in the separation process.

Hire a competent divorce law attorney and start a divorce process where your partner does not challenge your decision. It will be short, without the emotional turmoil, and affordable. A divorce lawyer will also help represent all your interests for the best results.

For more information about divorce law, contact a local law firm.